Social Media Consulting

Are you longing to tell your story on social media, but not quite sure how to do it?Deanna Fusillo Social Media Consulting

Do you have an employee who could tackle your social media marketing if they had some training? Through my social media consulting program, I work with clients to achieve optimal results from their in-house initiatives.

Social media has become a necessary marketing tool for every industry. As a part of a larger marketing strategy, social media can drive conversations and allow you to interact with customers in a new way. It can be incredibly powerful when done well, but it can also be damaging if handled improperly.

Whether in-person or over video chats, my social media consulting programs is developed for your individual needs. I help you create a digital strategy from scratch, or consult on your current campaign and show you how to improve it. Together, we will brainstorm ideas, teach you how to use each channel for maximum impact, and check in frequently to make sure all of your questions are answered. As a social media consulting client, you and your staff will be empowered with the skills you need to succeed and the reassurance that you always have a partner to turn to if you get stuck.

Choose the package best for you:

  • Package 1: 6 Hour Package

Schedule the 6 hours in one day or up to 6 months time. You can use these hours as needed for one on one consulting services

  • Package 2: 3 Hour Package

Like the 6 hour package, you have the flexibility to schedule the 3 hours in one day or up to 3 months time. You can use these hours as needed for one on one consulting services

  • Package 3: Hourly, Pay as you go

This package is perfect for the person who just needs a little direction in one area and will only need one hour of one on one consulting to fine tune they’re current skills.

Here’s what one of my clients  has to say about their experience:

“If you think that your organization could benefit from an improved social media presence, contact Deanna! With a base of knowledge that makes her an expert in established sites like Facebook and Instagram and building upon it with burgeoning platforms and new practices, she is not afraid to adapt to the ever altering landscape of social media and networking. Anyone can make posts promoting their organization, but through Deanna you can learn not only what types of posts best serve your needs, but why they do, and how to strategize with these tools you didn’t even know you had. She comes with the highest recommendation!”

– Buffalo Wild Wings

Are you ready to learn how to use these new tools effectively, and generate the results you’ve been looking for? I’m waiting to hear from you! Contact me today!