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Steady She Grows Podcast     June 2019

From Cake Pops to Digital Marketing with Deanna Fusillo

Helping businesses grow has become a passion of Deanna Fusillo. She has been on a mission to help entrepreneurs launch and grow their business. Deanna is the founder of Sassy Girl Media, LLC and understood the power of social media almost immediately, as an early adopter in 2009. As a single mom who left corporate America to launch an at home business, she quickly gained national recognition when she was awarded the Top Moms In Business by Startup Nation and Discover Card. Deanna realized a natural found passion in helping others learn how to leverage social media and business techniques to launch and grow their business and created a program called The Startup Circle to teach entrepreneurs and small business owners exactly how to do this.

Get N2 Beauty:

By: Rayshone Oliver      October 23, 2017


Founder Moms: Meet Deanna Fusillo, Founder of Sassy Girl Media 

By: Moms Can Code Staff   September 25, 2017

“As a single mom with boys (10 and 11), I was working in management for a company. My hours were long, and the pay/benefits were good. It was the week before Christmas, and my youngest son told me that he knew what he wanted for Christmas and that it was only one thing” ….read more


Deanna Fusillo of Sassy Girl Media speaks on DOYO Live

By: Kalea Hall August 2, 2017

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Entrepreneur Inspired:

Entrepreneur Inspired Podcast Episode 3: Digital Marketing with Deanna Fusillo

By: Helen Muga, Phd. July 23, 2017

In this episode of Entrepreneur Inspired, I chat with Deanna Fusillo of Sassy Girl Media, a digital marketing company.  Sassy Girl Media caters to small businesses and start-ups.  Sassy Girl Media provides consulting services, website design, and social media marketing.  We learn how Deanna left her full-time corporate job to spend more time with her kids.  During her transition from her corporate job to full-time mom, Deanna created Sassy Girl Media. (Listen to podcast…)

Altitude Branding:

20+ Productivity Tips To Save Your Life And Business

By Wendy Dessler, July 4, 2017

Productivity is essential for the efficiency of your personal life and business life as well.
Overcoming the deadlock of the dreadful indecision and taking that first step is much appreciated and wanted. (read more…)

DOYO Live Marketing Show:

Women In Business Take Note – Deanna Fusillo Is Doing Great Things For Women Entrepreneurs

By Dennis Schiraldi, June 10, 2017

A topic that I absolutely love is the one I got the chance to discuss today with DOYO Live workshop leader, women business leader, all around great person and a good friend. Deanna Fusillo, Owner of Sassy Girl Media and The Startup Circle and I, discussed a number of topics that we get pretty deep into on social media, women entrepreneurship, especially in the Youngstown, Ohio area. (read more…)

Youngstown Vindicator & Positively Social

Connected | DOYO Live people: Meet Deanna Fusillo

By: Adam Earnheardt , May 10, 2017

DOYO Live, Youngtown’s digital marketing and interactive design conference is Aug. 2-3. I’m honored to feature some talented, local business owners who are building their brands in the social media world.

Today, it’s Deanna Fusillo of Sassy Girl Media, based in Canfield. (read more…)

Pink Productions:


March 14, 2017

I’m a problem solver and idea executor. Challenge me and watch the outcome. That is the mantra of Deanna of Sassy Girl Media. She is obsessed with helping others go after their dream and she finds it truly rewarding when those dreams succeed.

Life balance has been an art she is working to conquer. Deanna took a few moments from her busy life to talk with us about her challenges of 2016 and gave insight on how businesses connect with their followers online. (read more…)

Youngstown Sophisticate (Cover) 

By Dee Michelle,  March Issue 2017

DOYO Live:

6 Questions with Sassy Girl Media

By Amanda Lynch, owner of Busy Blogs Plus, June 26, 2016

Deanna Fusillo is a vibrant business owner and breakout session leader for DOYO Live. She owns Sassy Girl Media based out of Canfield and is passionate about helping small business owners and entrepreneurs thrive and grow their own brands. We sat down with Deanna for a quick Q&A to learn how she manages her business and why she’s excited to be a part of DOYO Live.

DOYO Live  2 Hour Deep Dive Workshop Leader 2017

DOYO Live Breakout Session Leader 2016