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and YOU!


Hey there! I’m so excited that you’re here. First off, let me introduce myself…I’m Deanna! I’m a digital strategist who is tired of seeing small business owners think that they are suppose to know it all!

Starting a business means that you are constantly juggling a lot of different roles, from putting systems in place, marketing, branding, managing and growing your business to creating a life that you truly love and makes you happy!

I’ve been exactly where you are!

I left a corporate job to have more time with my family and decided to start a business out of my home. I thought I had to have all of the answers to run my business, but in reality, my business was running me. I had to learn to put the systems in place to create a life I loved.  I began teaching others how to launch and grow their business. I have shared the techniques with small groups, companies, and have spoken nationwide to thousands of people.

I want to help you too!

Are you frustrated with spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere in your business?

Sassy Girl Entrepreneur

Maybe you are just thinking about launching a business or maybe you’re trying to get your current business to the next level and not sure what to do next!

The Entrepreneur Society is what you are looking for. Becoming part of my private group means that you get access to online training, challenges, group coaching calls and more!

Be part of our Sassy Girl Society

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The SassyGirl Society is a free group for all women in business to inspire, empower, network, collaborate and support each other!

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This group brings women in business together from across the United States! We currently host monthly meetings in Ohio + Montana and adding more locations!!

When women come together, amazing things happen! Drop by and join the Society today!

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