Welcome! I’m really glad you’re here! I’m Deanna.

I’m a social media entrepreneur, consultant, trainer and national speaker. I’m also the founder of Sassy Girl Media, a marketing agency that specializes in social media, branding and digital marketing.  However, in 2011, even before I launched my agency, I was training and consulting entrepreneurs and small business owners, teaching them how to launch and get their business to the next level by using social media and digital marketing techniques. I created a program, called The Startup Circle, where they could learn these techniques or if they liked, could meet with me one on one. I’m can’t wait to share all of my secrets with you!

Deanna Fusillo Speaker Trainer Consultant

Speaker -Trainer

I create custom speeches and workshops for conferences, businesses, women in business or a group of your personal friends who want to learn more about launching and growing their business, marketing, women empowerment. These sessions are customized for your group and will inspire, enlighten and ignite action.

Consultant – Coach

I love meeting with entrepreneurs and business owners one on one and looking at their current marketing or business situation, creating goals and helping them implement strategic solutions to overcome barriers that they may be facing and launch to the next level. These individual sessions can happen in person, at your office or virtually. Curious if this is something that may work for you? Check out more here!

Be a #SassyGirl

Sassy Girl Community is a group of women in business who meet in person as well as virtual. The goal is to learn, empower and build relationships with each other. This tribe of women come from very different backgrounds and regions of the world. Join us and be part of this growing community of #SassyGirls