To provide a community that will inspire, empower and educate entrepreneurs and small business owners so they  take their business to the next level and create the life they want.

What is The Startup Circle

The Startup Circle is a program that I created after meeting with several entrepreneurs and realizing that there were many who were ready to take their business to the next level, but was uncertain about what that step should be. They had the passion and were prepared to put in the work, but just needed a little guidance. That’s when I decided there needed a place for entrepreneurs and small business owners to go to get the tools and support they needed.
Regardless if you are at the first step of your startup journey or if you have a business already started but you’re “stuck” about what to do next, The Startup Circle is for you.
Being part of The Startup Circle will give you access to exclusive information, courses, workshops
PLUS once a week there will be a no nonsense live chat with members in our exclusive Facebook community where you can ask questions and get advice!

I would rather have someone do the work for me

If you this is you, no problem! We’ve got you covered. As the founder of Sassy Girl Media, we have a team ready to provide the services that fit your needs. From Website design, Social Media Management, or even Newsletter Campaigns.
We can help you so that you can focus on what really feeds your soul…your business!